Team Based Learning, SIVU Webinar Series


About TBL Webinar: The TBL webinar is designed to have optimal demonstration conforming to the TBL format. Participants will appreciate that learning and assessment go together in TBL and this method best suits online synchronous learning as well as assessment.

Speaker and Moderator

Facilitated by: Prof. Dr. Shahid Hassan
International Medical University, Malaysia

Moderated by: Prof. Dr. Tabassum Zehrah
Agha Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

Learning Objectives:
1. Recognize the theoretical basis of TBL
2. Appraise the structure of TBL for delivery
3. Apply IRAT and GRAT in TBL assessment
4. Develop peer feedback concept in TBL

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  1. Shahid excelled himself in this webinar. It wa s a 2 hour workshop which he kindly reduced to an hour long webinar at my request . Those who attended would vouch my statement that our thirst fir more only increased not quenched. So in the famous words of Charles Duckends could I say ‘ Sit can I.have some more’.


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