Understanding the Leadership in HPE

Prof Dr. Farzana Mahdi
Vice Chancellor and Director Academics
Era University, Lucknow, Academic Dean, American University of Barbados. GSMC FAIMER Fellow
Dr. Sucheta Dandekar
Professor, Biochemistry, Era’s Lucknow Medical College.Adjunct Faculty Manipal Academy of Health Education. Former Professor & Head, Biochemistry, Seth GSMC & KEMH. Mumbai, FAIMER Philadelphia Fellow. Global faculty International FAIMER Institute.
Dr. Nirmala Rege
Professor, Pharmacology, Era’s Lucknow Medical College & Professor Emeritus, Dept Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital Mumbai, FAIMER Philadelphia fellow, Ex Codirector of GSMC- FAIMER Regional Institute,

At the end of the webinar, the participants shall be able to:-

  • Understand that leadership is essential to the delivery of high standards of academics, research, and patient care.
    *Evaluate the challenging, changing, complex times in honing leadership skills in health professionals.
  • Align effective leadership with collaborative inputs from faculty, students, and institutional stakeholders.

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