Future of Medical Education & Transformation through Technologies.

Technical and vocational training and education

IMI and SIVU Scholars publish in Endocrine Practice

Young scholars from IMI's NEST-1 Program came together to publish eight abstracts in Endocrine Practice for a variety of topics within Adrenal Disorders, Diabetes/Prediabetes/Hypoglycemia,...

Future of Education post Covid-19 era

Education in post pandemic era In light of Covid 19 pandemic we are witnessing rapid changes in our society, may it be living, healthcare, education...

Digital Technologies & Healthcare

Future of Healthcare We all know that digital technologies have taken a central place in our lives and more of our work and life is...

Certification Courses by SIVU starting in 2021 second quarter.

MOOCs at SIVU SIVU is in the final stages of starting the short courses CERTIFICATION COURSES