Clinical Reasoning, SIVU Webinar Series

Learning Objectives:
Reviewing Clinical Reasoning Theories (Dual Processing and Illness Script)
How to Teach Clinical Reasoning
How to Assess Clinical Reasoning

Professor Seyyed Kamran Soltani Arabshahi, MD, Internist
Director, Center for Educational Research in Medical Sciences (CERMS)
Director, Department of Medical Education
Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS) He is an internist and medical educationist, and faculty member of the Iran University of Medical Sciences (IUMS). He is a pioneer of medical education in Iran and a phenomenal researcher and lecturer in the field of medical education. His areas of interest are Internal Medicine, Curriculum Design and Development, Philosophy of Medicine, Professionalism, Evaluation and Accreditation, and Clinical Reasoning. He is a member of the Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences and Chair of the National Board of Medical Education in Iran.

Dr.Alireza Monajemi, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Dean of Faculty,
Philosophical and Historical Studies of Science
Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, Iran
He is a physician and cognitive psychologist. He is a faculty member of the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies and invited lecturer and researcher in the School of Medical Education, SUMS, in Tehran. His work and studies have been mainly focused on medical expertise and clinical reasoning. He is in charge of devising curricula for undergraduate medical education, specifically in clinical reasoning education and assessment. He has also been an exam designer and director of the National Olympiad of Iranian Medical Student, Clinical Reasoning Chapter since 2007.


Dr. Soleiman Ahmady MD, PhD
Professor of Medical Education
Head of Department of Medical Education
Virtual School of Medical Education and Management/VSME
Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBMU),Tehran, Iran
Fellow Researcher, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

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