Future of Medical Education & Transformation through Technologies.

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IMI and SIVU Scholars publish in Endocrine Practice

Young scholars from IMI's NEST-1 Program came together to publish eight abstracts in Endocrine Practice for a variety of topics within Adrenal Disorders, Diabetes/Prediabetes/Hypoglycemia,...

Al Sadiq International Virtual University, Mission & Vision

Exciting webinars and workshops offering updated and new content through experienced and highly skilled team members of Al Sadiq International Virtual University. Please register and we will keep you updated […]

Innovative Technologies And The Future Of Medicine

Innovative Technologies And The Future Of Medicine S Innovative Technologies And The Future Of Medicine Such research has led

Rules & Regulations, An Idea View a Perspective by the SIVU Team

Prevention RULES AND REGULATIONS ARTICLE I Title al- Sadiq International Virtual University (SIVU) Objectives A. These Rules and Regulations shall be known and cited as the Rules and Regulations for...

Workshops & Webinars Series, Registration by SIVU

Workshops/ Webinars Registration Al Sadiq International Virtual University has set up a simple form to fill, which asks for basic detail and contact detail and...